About Kung Fu Flying

Why Kung Fu Flying?  Aside from the fact that I have a black belt in one martial arts style and also have practiced Wushu, kung fu in its original Chinese meaning, refers to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts.  In fact, when my mom is at restaurant and is impressed with the quality of the food, she says that the cooking is “good Kung Fu”.

I am a hobbyist blogger with a couple of sites exploring my various interests: kungfucrafting.com, kungfufarming.com, kungfufoodie.com, and am adding this blog about travel.  While there are many many blogs about travel hacking, which credit card to use, manufactured spend, it seems to be dominated by men or a man and his significant other traveling luxuriously to places I would never consider going.  Or people who have jobs that require them to spend most of their time on the road.

My life is not like that.  I have a full time non-blogging job, a husband and two elementary aged children (7 and 4). While I do a little business travel, it is very limited and most of my travel or vacation involves the family. There are unique aspects to the travel points/credit card offers hobby as a woman (for example, why can’t the Citi Prestige card offer spa days OR golf days?  I don’t golf, but I would appreciate a spa credit!, the Middle East is not high on my list of desired destination travel so those first class cabin reports to Dubai are irrelevant to me) and with a family (hotels abroad seem to have very limited rooms that can accommodate two adults and two children).

As I was planning out a trip this year to Scotland and the United Kingdom, I realized it is more challenging to find hotels overseas that can handle families. This blog will focus on offers that could appeal to more family oriented travel deals, or destinations, exploring things to do around the San Francisco Bay Area and the US or overseas when I can do it.

I also enjoy earning and using points for travel, but it will look at offers and travel through the lens of a woman and for family travel.