Lego Discounts – Buy one Adult Fare, get one child free!

One of the many attractions in Southern California is Legoland.  If you have school aged kids, they probably enjoy Legos. My husband and I surprised our son with a trip there and he really enjoyed it.  Our little girl was too short for a large number of rides and they don’t seem to have as many “no height restriction” rides which is unfortunate. But it is worth a day if you have a Lego enthusiast in the family. The crowds are not overwhelming if you know where to look, and the water attractions look fun for the summer heat. Plan ahead (not making Legoland a last minute decision) and you can save a lot by hunting for a buy one adult fare, get one child free ticket.

I checked on E-bay and a lot of the people are selling coupons or have pictures of the coupons. Don’t purchase a coupon! These are online codes you can get for free. One of the coupons had a website you go to: [Updated 2/11/2016] and the code to use is ON THE WEBPAGE people!  Why pay for these coupons?  The code is right there: 169909. Why pay for this on one of those coupons when it is there on the webpage AND plainly visible.

I tried it, and it worked. My tickets are good for one year from date of purchase. This new offer expires 7/31/2016.  I saw another code for the same buy one get one child free: 159901 which is supposed to expire 12/31/2017.  I haven’t tried that one. I also saw that you can get these coupons at Burger King.  Just request it from one of the employees at the cash register or drive-in window.

I don’t get any financial benefit from posting this.  Just thought I’d save some people the effort.

Legoland 2016 discount

Legoland 2017 discount