The Search for Under Seat Rolling Luggage

In my recent trips I’ve noticed that the planes are completely full and anyone with boarding group after 3 starts struggling for space for their roller boards.  Everyone has those large carry on roller board suitcases now and that means a fight for luggage space in the luggage bins.  I don’t fly enough to have status, nor do I yet have credit cards that give me boarding group 1 status.  I also usually use a backpack, and end up having to check my roller board unless I miraculously have something better than boarding group 3. While I don’t struggle with the weight of the backpack, sometimes I bring back more than I left with and the weight can be annoying.  I have started to search for a bag that fits under most airplane seats.  This table is a quick compilation of some of the more popular ones or ones that I thought had decent reviews.

One of my primary considerations is the potential “flimsiness” of the bag, tearing, breaking etc. and thus the bag’s warranty.  Of the bags in this table, most have limited warranties which warrant the bag from manufacturing defects, but not “wear and tear” from actual use.  It would seem to me that you would end up with a fight/argument on your hands. So a 5 year limited warranty is the same as the 10 year limited warranty is the same as nothing if you actually use the bag. The only bags with unconditional warranties were the LL Bean, the Briggs and Riley, and the eBags.  Of the three, the eBags is the least expensive. I haven’t yet decided.  Anyone have opinions?

BrandHeightWidthDepthWeightMaterialWarrantyApproximate Price (as of 6/21/2016)
LLBean Carryall Rolling Underseat Bag1614.38.755 lbs 10 oz420 Denier NylonSatisfaction Guaranteed$129.00
Travelon Wheeled Underseat 15 Inch1514.08.55 lbs 6 oz1680 D. Ballistic Polyester5 Year Limited$94.99
Travelon Quilted Wheeled Underseat Carry-On with Backup Bag1413.58.57 lbsQuilted Microfiber5 Year Limited$94.99
Travelon Quilted Patent PVC Wheeled Underseat Carry-On1413.58.57 lbsQuilted Patent PVC5 Year Limited$99.99
Kenneth Cole Reaction Wheeled Underseater Carry-On 1413.586 lbs 3 oz600 D. Polyester10 Year Limited$75.99
Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote14.514.095 lbs 9 oz1800 D. Polyester5 Year Limited$69.99
Ciao Rolling Carry On15.114.38.95 lbs 3 ozNylon5 Year Limited$79.99
Samsonite Wheeled Underseater - Small1313.096 lbs 9 oz100% Poly/Nylon Blend10 Year Limited$59.49
Samsonite DK3 Underseater1615.089 lbs 13 oz85% Poly/15% Nylon Blend10 Year Limited$91.37
Briggs and Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag15.513.59.58 lbs 10 oz100% NylonUnconditional Lifetime$299.00
eBags Kalya Rolling Tote Rolling Tote1414.094 lbs 8 ozSoft-hand NylonUnconditional Lifetime$119.00
Atlantic Unite 2 Rolling Tote1613.085 lbs 9 ozPolyester10 Year Limited$89.99